A Fitting Trio – Clark Kent, Olivia Jayy, Nicole Kitt

Nicole Kitt and Olivia Jayy are lovers. One morning, they are having sex when they get an unexpected knock on the door. It’s Clark Ken, a male colleague from her clothing company who’s come over to work with Olivia on the upcoming lingerie collection. Olivia excuses herself from her lover, leaving Nicole sexually frustrated. A short while later, Olivia also finds herself still aroused so decides to seduce Clark and have a quickie with him while they are alone. As they get it on, Nicole sneaks up and catches them. Turned on, she watches them, secretly masturbating. When Clark becomes overwhelmed and excuses himself, she pounces on him next. They start to go at it too – until ultimately Olivia catches them and they all decide to just fuck openly as a trio … Get the full video in HD